Here is an example of how the names are put together:
PAY BY CARD or PAYPAL or.........

Use the order form below or, if you prefer, call me on 01359 221 958 when I'm in Suffolk or on my mobile 07860 364 863 when I'm at a show and I can take your card details etc.. You can, of course, just send us a cheque made payable to 'Bexley Toys' for £2.00 per letter, together with the name you want and the address you want it sent to. There is no charge for postage. If you would like us to enclose a small card or letter with the name then send us that as well so that it can be included. (This must not be more than 11cm. wide in order to fit in the package.)Single names will fit through a standard letter box so there is no need for anyone to be in when the post arrives.

Our letters are £2 each and you just choose which letters you want to make up your desired word and we will calculate the total for you. Turn around time is about 7 days and everything is bespoke and made to order.

We have no postage charges... It's FREE!

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